5 eco-friendly swaps

A lot of people don’t go out of their way to be green because they think that the changes are expensive and require specialty products. The truth is there are easy and affordable swaps you can make. It is not difficult or expensive to be eco-friendly.

It just takes a lifestyle change, breaking old habits and practice!


1. Bring your reusable bag to the grocery store.
It is so unnecessary this day and age to purchase (5 cents per bag still adds up) a plastic bag at the grocery store. Store your reusable bags in your trunk so you have them for each and every trip to the grocery store!

Our product choice: any linen bag that you already have at home is a perfect fit!

2. Use a reusable bottles for tea, coffee or water.

This one is also very simple. You can purchase a reusable aluminum or glass bottle and you can bring it with you literally everywhere you go. If you drink a lot of coffee, this is a solution for you. On the other hand you can also use this mug for water, instead of buying water in plastic bottles.

Our product choice: https://myequa.com/.

3. Natural cleaners instead of Chemical Cleaners.

Buy natural cleaning products in eco-friendly packaging instead of cleaning with chemicals that come in plastic containers. Essential oils don’t just smell wonderful, many also offer antibacterial properties, like cinnamon, tea tree or lavender. The truth is, there is no one really policing the labeling of “toxin-free” cleaners, so these labels should not be trusted.

Our product choice: https://www.odori.si/.

4. Avoid single use plastic cutlery.

When we get fast food or pick up something from the salad bar, it seems like it is second nature to grab the plastic utensils. Bringing your own utensils saves 40 billion plastic utensils from entering the landfills or oceans each year. If you absolutely need disposable cutlery, why not grab some that are compostable?

Our product choice: be smart when using single use cutlery! Our recommendation would be bamboo cutlery.

5. Reusable glass meal prep containers

Instead of adding more plastic, grab some glass meal prep containers for a non-toxic solution, when needed. When you are taking your lunch to your workplace, think about using a glass container. Think also when storing your food into the refrigerator, glass jars might be a good idea!

Our product choice: https://zeleni-planet.si/.