7 reasons why you should be using natural toothpaste tabs

Is natural toothpaste really better than the real thing? When it comes to your toothpaste purchase, it does make a difference in what type of toothpaste you choose, and you may be endangering your health simply by purchasing an over-the-counter toothpaste instead of a natural alternative. 

This is something that concerns many people in switching to natural toothpaste. If you are wondering if natural toothpaste will work as well as a commercial toothpaste, then you are in for a treat because this choice will provide even better cleaning in the ability to effectively kill bacteria! Natural toothpastes still can have that same minty fresh flavour, but the best part of all is that they are made from natural ingredients that will effectively remove stains and whiten the teeth in the process. Nowadays, natural toothpastes are made so well that they have the same consistency as a regular drugstore toothpaste brand so that you can hardly tell the difference in comparison!

Here are the top seven benefits of natural toothpaste for your daily life!

1. Cleans your teeth safely – prevents cavities

Natural toothpastes will still foam abrasively to clean stain and bacteria from your teeth. The best part of all is that natural toothpastes do not contain artificial colours and flavours, which can often negatively impact the body.

2. Adequately removes stains – whitens naturally 

When switching to natural toothpastes, you may be concerned about whether or not they will effectively whiten and remove stains from your teeth. Many natural toothpastes contain kaolin, which is a mineral whitening ingredient to provide even greater benefits in a smile full of pearly whites!

3. Effectively refreshes your breath – foams magically 

Many of these toothpastes contain essential oils for breath freshening, like spearmint essential oil. This is a more effective way to freshen your breath safely without chemical additives and ingredients in your toothpaste.

4. Prevents and calms gum pain – strengthens enamel

If you have any type of health issues causing swollen gums, it may be difficult for you to find a commercial toothpaste that is gentle enough to use. With natural toothpaste you don’t have to worry about harsh chemical ingredients within your toothpaste anymore!

5. Prevent allergic reactions – no harsh chemicals 

Many people are allergic to a number of chemicals in commercial products that they aren’t even aware of. These chemical reactions can cause inflammation or allergies, which can easily be prevented by natural choices in toothpaste products.

6. Does not pollute environment – plastic free

More than one billion plastic toothpaste tubes are thrown out each year directly to the landfills. The form of toothpaste tabs enables packaging that is much more than just good looking – it is designed to be plastic-free, biodegradable and recyclable. This way, nothing goes to the landfill sites.



Your mouth, your teeth, your gums are a very important part of your overall health. Invest in yourself for a better tomorrow and start using a natural toothpaste today!