What are toothpaste tabs?

Toothpaste tabs are a dry solid form of toothpaste.  Not only that they can reduce packaging waste, they only contain the essential ingredients needed to maintain good oral hygiene. If you’re looking for a new way to reduce waste and a healthier alternative to the toothpaste that you have been using until now, read on to discover why you should make the switch!

Here are top 5 reasons to start using our Toothie toothpaste tabs!

  1. No artificial chemicals
    Standard toothpastes contain an array of chemical ingredients that attribute to the physical properties of toothpaste, including foaming and stabilising agents. Because of our dry formula, we can exclude artificial flavours, preservatives, thickeners, colours and sweeteners! We exclude all the bad ingredients and keep only the good ones.
  2. Eco-friendly
    We produce 3 billion plastic toothpaste packages and 4 billion plastic toothbrushes per year. These mostly land in our oceans and landfills. With our products packaged in environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging, we offer the power of choice. Although dentists recommend adults to use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste, most users apply excess, generating more plastic tubes and more landfill waste.
  3. No more guesswork
    You no longer have to guess how much of your gel dentifrice to apply to your toothbrush. The messy tube is gone, here’s no awkward squeezing to get the last bits of paste out. Simply use one toothpaste tablet in the morning and one in the evening.
  4. Travel-Friendly
    You no longer have to worry about sticky toothpaste spills in your hand luggage. Toothpaste tablets are less bulky than a tube of toothpaste, making them ideal for those who travel light. And you can also pack as many tablets as you need based on your travel time.
  5. Easy to use
    1. Chew the tablet,
    2. Brush your teeth with a wet toothbrush,
    3. Smile and watch it foam up like magic,
    4. Repeat twice a day, every day!

Still not sure? Try one of our Toothie toothpaste tabs today! 


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