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Why does toothpaste come in plastic tubes and what exactly do we put in our bodies every day when we brush our teeth?

In addition to the things that are important to us, we care what matters to you – the users. With that intention we started thinking about how we could provide a quality product with natural ingredients that would solve the problem of cleaning teeth and, on the other hand, would be environmentally friendly due to the type of packaging.

We believe that every change starts with a small steps. Our company was founded with the desire to reduce the amount of plastic waste and consequently improve the state of the environment. Of course, if we want a healthy lifestyle, we must start with ourselves. That is why we have been very focused on selecting the ingredients.

When was the last time you read a toothpaste label? Harsh chemicals, artificial colors and thickeners have no place in our tablets. We took away the bad ingredients, keeped only the good ones and pressed them into our Toothie tablets. Something we use twice a day, every day, should be made from ingredients that are healthy for us. We are committed to using ingredients that are not tested on animals as well!



We are diverse group of people in expertise, making a perfect team conquering our mission – providing you with natural zero waste cosmetics. 

In the past years I have been working and travelling all over the world where I have acknowledged 1 common issue – pollution. With Toothie we are giving YOU the power of choice!
With enthusiastic and devoted work I will try to contribute to a better environmental awareness and at the same time I will make sure Toothie is available all over the world, saving as many toothpaste tubes as possible!
Small steps. Big impact! 

Co_Founder & in charge of Sales 📈

Jan Habat

For the past few years I have been passionate about healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle and I want to inspire others to live the same way. The idea for our product came from the question, whether and how can we eliminate plastic tubes from our everyday life. I’m in charge of product development and operations, making sure, Toothie is taking care of your teeth and the environment.

Co-Founder & taking care of Operations ✅

Domen Nemanič

I believe that brand-building in the digital world is about impactful, insight-driven brand communications. Working on different projects and helping start-ups build their own brand recognition is what I love to do and that is also my responsibility with Toothie, where I’m building brand presence through creatives on our social media accounts. 

Our creative mind 😎

Katerina Knap Okretič

I have joined Toothie team with a desire to pass our message of eco-friendly living also through social media. Our aim is to create a community that is conscious of the environment and our impact on it.

Social media guru 💯

Nina Strmljan

I have strong background in leading and managing development and growth of a pharmaceutical & cosmetics ventures in line with high ethical standards and having patients & customers benefits as first priority. With Toothie I’m responsible for overviewing whole production cycle in order to meet the highest standards. 

Production guy 🛠

Matej Linke

Being in last years of my Pharmaceutical studies, joining Toothie team makes a perfect transition from university to the real world. With my knowledge of chemistry I have made sure that all ingredients are natural, but that at the same time this ingredients are doing their job – making your teeth clean and healthy!

The researcher 👩‍🔬

Anamarija Baruca

Working with this young and creative team gives me the opportunity to fulfill my desire to work on innovative products, which have a positive impact on society and environment. I am happy that it enrichens and deepens my cognizance on business field in most practical way possible.

Assistant to Operations ⚙️

Klemen Strmljan